alexatori photography

i currently work with children who have autism.  while completing my graduate degree in

counseling psychology. i manage time with my chow chow samurai, making trips up to san

francisco, and enjoying myself to the fullest.

photography is a pleasure in life that i endure.  i don't take it as a job, but more of a

passion.  i feel that in life you have to have passion to live. whether it be passion for

someone, for something, or for something that drives your soul to existence. and in those

moments, i am here to help capture it for you to remember almost as if. I want you to be

able to look at that photo and feel that exact moment taking place again.

my style is laid back and relaxed because it can be a little anxious to take photos or very

exciting. i've been photographing for the last nine years, i found that  i love to work with

natural lighting like when the sun rises in the morning or sets at night and i try to make

most of my photos breath taking.  i have done engagements, children, families. and head

shots.  i hope this helps you have a better grasps for someone you are looking for. 

01 The Fear You Won't Fall.mp3